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HOW I TURNED an entire hotel into 23 Airbnb's that will net me $1M in profit!

From $0 to $1M Profit: Unveiling the Strategy Behind Transforming a Hotel into 23 Airbnb's without owning the property.

Wednesday, May 24th @ 7:00 PM EST
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With the methods below, we turned this hotel into an Airbnb network that earns a remarkable $18k in profit per month!

  • Landlord Seeker to Landlord Sought: No need to search for a landlord and plead for a lease. Learn the strategies to attract landlords who are eager to collaborate and offer their properties for your venture.
  • Relationship Building Mastery: Gain insights into the importance of building strong relationships with landlords. Discover how this landlord deal for arbitrage can open doors to future opportunities in the thriving world of property rental.
  • Ready-to-Go Furnished Units: all units came fully furnished which saves time and effort. We will teach you how to utilize the existing hotel infrastructure to quickly launch your Airbnb listings and provide a seamless experience for guests.
  • Impressive $1M Net Profit: This project has a net profit of $1 million after the initial lease agreement. We will teach you how to maximize your earnings through efficient management and optimization techniques.
  • Less Than 2 Hours Per Week: Streamline your operations and free up your schedule with a fully automated system managed by your team. Learn how your team can efficiently handle the necessary tasks in less than two hours per week, allowing you to focus on scaling your business and pursuing other opportunities.
Hi, I'm Derek.
In 2019, I started my Airbnb business while attending university. I knew corporate 9-5 was not for me and I was obsessed with freedom: being able to go wherever I want, whenever I want. I tried everything from day trading to eCommerce, but I decided to commit myself to focus on Airbnb. I had no connections, no industry experience, and just $6,000 to my name. 

3 years later, I have bootstrapped this business to $400,000+ in monthly revenue with 200 units across 5 different cities. 

I have figured out how to fully automate my 7 figure Airbnb business, and finally achieved the freedom that I craved.
And you know what's the crazy part?
You can do this too...
  • Without having previous experience - In fact, I didn't know much about how Airbnb worked until I started at 19, and now I have over 215 properties on the platform. 
  • Without owning a property - Yup, you don't even need to own the property, I'll show you how to list OTHER people's properties on Airbnb to make $3k+ per month each!
  • Without Investing a lot of money - When you don't own the properties, you don't need a big down payment, just usually first and last month's rent and that is covered in the first month of Airbnb profit! 
  • ​Without spending a lot of time - Once you use these strategies you will only need a few hours per week to manage them!
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